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Applying Astrology

Thank You to everyone who attended the Open House this Weekend at Sozo Healing House! Holistic Living Yoga classes are reserved, and the Sunday Jun 30th workshop will include creating your wellness calendar.

Yoga is one of the 8 limbs of the science of life passed down in the the Vedas, ancient text from the land. Yoga, Astrology , Ayurveda are 3 of the 8 limbs we can explore in classes, sessions and group practice.

Yoga relates to the body, mind, spirit system, Ayurveda i relates to the food, sleep, herb supplements & natural experiences we consume. Astrology is the system of relating and understanding our relation ships in the timecycle of the universe.

The applied use of astrology is called Jyotish. I began practicing and studying the Yoga Practice of Jyotish, during my advanced Ayurveda and Yoga training in 2016! How time flies!! As I develop the interpretive language of wellness, Yoga, and astrology I am grateful to all clients for the opportunity to explore their charts and lives together. Spending the past two years developing predictive techniques and using astrology to develop wellness plans for clients has been a blessing.

The June 22 Astrology workshop is on dealing with oppositions. It is great to see how the preceeding months have prepared us to move into this time with greater clarity. Here in AZ, the agreeable weather has led to many of us balancing time in nature, tending to our home gardens, being on the trails.

In what way can you tend to your own inner garden when you are faced with opposition? How can you Deal with the opposition in the most appopriate fashion - even if it does not meet your ego needs? Our practices and meditations this month will provide space for everyone explore this practice, we will work with chants, mantras and crystal grids this month.

KIRTAN: Jun 5 InterFaith, Jun 8 Yoga Pura (With Band of Now)

Sound Healing: Jun 15 1-3pm @ Gilbert Yoga (Led by Cassandra & Gretchen)

Plant Based Cooking: Jun 19 @ Sozo Healing House (Led by Bird)

Sacred Gem Womens Circle : Jun 28 @ Everything Just Rocks ( Led by Dharma & Athena)

Astrology: Jun 22 Everything Just Rocks Sat 1:30-3:30 (With Dharma)

Jun 30 Sozo Healing House 1-3 (With Dharma)

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