• Angela (Dharma)

Ayurveda & You 2.0! The second Ayurveda and You Yoga Teacher training is starting next week.

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I have space available for two souls ready to practice and study in Tempe. Late entry is open until Sept 24!

i am thankful and have so much gratitude to my clients, students and teachers who have helped me to develop and update this complete program of Yoga Teacher Certification.

This program provides practice of classical yoga, modern contemplative practices and a foundation of physical and subtle anatomy.

The 2.0 revisions were reviewed and approved with Yoga Alliance. Key objectives are detailed with every module and training sessions. A variety of techniques and styles will be explored with a solid foundation of breath based yoga established.

contact me at angela@angelstarhealth to review the course catalog and set up a time to meet!

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